Karen Barker L.C.S.P. (Phys.)

My Life’s Passion and recurring theme is one of “Transformation”. I love to help others transform their adversities, be it physical, emotional or mental into an opportunity of freedom, joy and beauty. I inspire health in the human spirit and empower truth so that I can live in integrity aligned with my higher self. It is my daily practice to follow what makes my Heart Sing! Join me… Believe in the Magic and Live Your Brilliance!

“Who You are is the goddess incarnate in a biodegradable suit.” Love, Dr. Jean Houston

It is with joy that I bring you this website, now featuring a variety of media releases outside of my practical work as a Manual Therapist. My hope is that you can sit in quiet solitude and find what you need to rebalance and fill your spirit with the joy that creates a new sense of being.November 2004 was the beginning of this new inner direction to inspire others through the books and audio/visual meditations. When I connected with my heart, for those of you that have experienced this deep sense of knowing, all I could do was write. I truly feel that from this place in our hearts we are all divinely guided. I honour the various ways that we, as unique expressions of spirit, need support in the healing/ re balancing process of this physical experience. (Read More about my journey here)


Our emotional, mental and spiritual health is crucial to enjoy full balance. I invite you to my YouTube Channel to sit with my various meditations and “Spiritual Stretches, the 7 minute workout” inspired  by James Twyman in 2004.

“What a beautiful gift, Podcasts are Very Cool”….James Twyman 2017

A FUN way to Health.

“Universal Stretches”, “Spiritual Stretches”, and “The Joy of Being” are now available as ebooks for your IPad, Kindle.

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Also, check out my eBooks, available as Free downloads!


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