Karen Barker R.M.T.

My Life’s Passion and recurring theme is one of “Transformation”. I love to help transform adversity, be it physical, emotional or mental into an opportunity of freedom, joy and beauty. I will guide you to inspire health in your human spirit. Empower your truth so you can live aligned to your Inner God Self, aka .”The Elevated Human”. My daily practice to follow what makes my Heart Sing! That is the first step to the Elevated Human ….Believe in the Magic and Live Your Brilliance!

“Who You are is the GODDESS incarnate in a biodegradable suit.”
Love, Dr. Jean Houston

It is with joy that I bring you this website, featuring a variety of media releases in addition to my work as a Manual Therapist and Wellness Consultant.  My hope is that you can sit in quiet solitude and find what you need to re balance and fill your spirit with the joy to create a new sense of being, becoming Love.

Latest News & Events

Science Bridges the Gap to Play and Laughter …
the Health Benefits, Who Knew?

Exploring The Positive Effects Of Theatre On Mental Health

See students exciting video on this topic at @canmoretheatreschool.ca

I am offering Zoom sessions of “BREATH WORK and COUNSELLING” designed for your troubling issues. My aim is to empower you to take good care of yourself thru this challenging time. WITH GRACE AND LOVE LETS KEEP IN OUR HEARTS…” Email Me Here

Goddess of Light Therapies

ALIGN to the DIVINE . I acknowledge that our emotional, mental and spiritual health is crucial to enjoy a vibrant full balance of life. I invite you to my YouTube Channel to sit with my various meditations and “Spiritual Stretches, the 7 minute workout” inspired  by James Twyman and Dr. Gregg Braden in 2004.

I am presently been guided to work on a new series entitled “The Elevated Human”. They are skills to cultivate living in alignment with Divinity. If you are interested please email me.

Spiritual Stretches TM
The 7 Minute Workout

Self Empowerment is “The Peace Within” Meditation Series

“What a beautiful gift, Podcasts are Very Cool”…
James Twyman, 2017


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