Karen Barker L.C.S.P.(Phys.)

It is with joy that I bring you this website, now featuring a variety of media releases outside of my practical work as a Therapist. My hope is that you can sit in quiet solitude and find what you need to rebalance and fill your spirit with the joy that creates a new sense of being.


April 16th… I am back in Canmore…and was serendipitously up at 1 am to witness the transition of the lunar eclipse of the full moon….a shooting start decided to add to my excitement as I stood outside in bare feet with my PJ’s …Thank you Universe for orchestrating a Warm and Brilliant Celestial Welcome Home Ceremony!! 

Micheal Wenger, President of Hoffman Method in Italy and myself in Goa

Michael Wenger, President of Hoffman Institute, Italy and myself in Goa, India


November 2004 was the beginning of this new inner direction to inspire others through the books and audio/visual meditations. When I connected with my heart, for those of you that have experienced this deep sense of knowing, all I could do was write. I truly feel that from this place in our hearts we are all divinely guided. I honour the various ways that we, as unique expressions of spirit, need support in the healing/ re balancing process of this physical experience.

My personal experience of chronic pain in varying degrees throughout my lifetime has brought me to the work I do today. Born with necrotic femoral arteries, the hip joint was compromised in its development which caused severe osteoarthritis at the young age of 14. It took perseverance and strength of will to find a surgeon who would operate on a 36 year old woman. By this age, I was crippled.

In 1996, I was gifted with two hip replacements. Pain free for the first time in my lifetime I was facing a new learning curve.  I had to teach myself how to walk properly and retrain my mind to accept this new reality.

2013, with 9 complicated hip surgeries behind me I feel this chapter of my life is completed. As Dr. Jill BolteTaylor author of “My Stroke of Insight” shares, it too has become my personal passion to inspire others to find within themselves the peace of mind, joy and beauty of who they are.  The choice we have in our minds to live a harmonious life.  I truly felt a component to my brilliant recovery was the immense love of family and friends, and the journey of training my mind to accept, receive and choose to embrace the positive.

Dr. Jill’s personal words of encouragement: “go go go Karen and never give up! hugs, Jill,.” 

My books “Universal Stretches”, “Spiritual Stretches”, “Wave of Change, 2012″ and “The Joy of Being” are available for purchase on www.amazon.com or www.bbotw.com.