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Transformations:scars Graced with Art

Transformations:Scars graced with Art

A letter to Leonord Nimoy via his art gallery manager….

I am a single mother,therapist,writer,actress…but I write to you in celebration, as a woman, whose 52 year journey of being an orthopedic patient has come to a close.

I was born with congenital hip deformities.  At the age of 5, I had my first operation.  Severe osteo-arthritis at the age of 14 then its affects were accelerated after the birth of my one and only child Alycia. I was cripple within 2 years, using 2 canes to get me down the block.

The upswing to this story is that I found a brilliant compassionate orthopedic surgeon who gifted me with 2 new hips in the year 1996 at the age of 36, three years after Aly was born.  I rejoiced in the celebration of movement and the freedom of discovering what it felt like to walk effortlessly.

Since then I have had another 6 operations that revised the old hardware after mishaps of falling and breaking bones.

At the age of 52, I am 1 year out of my last operation and feel like a new woman.  I know now that the journey of 52 years as an orthopedic patient has come to an end and I celebrate every day.

As a therapist/artist I put together with Don Petersen, owner of One World Samurai Tattoo, a presentation in artsPeak 2011,  “Transformations:Scars graced with Art”, with the intention of holding a light for others in the journey of adversity.   It includes photos of breakage in a light box of X-rays, the scars, and then the beauty of artwork, tattoos, gracing the physical site.  After interviewing each person in the exhibit, I shared their insights into life in a short poem format.   Our models were a 24 year old man who had open heart surgery, hip replacements, extreme mountain biker/artist who severed his creative arm and a cutter.  We created a 20 page I Mac Booklet as well.

This project, I truly feel is moving and joyful.  It has the potential to reach out globally.  In sharing my idea, Leonard Nimoy’s name came up a few times.  I finally went onto his website and all that rang true in my heart was “Yes”we have a synergy and similar purpose.

I want to co create this piece, “Transformations, Scars graced with Art” with Leonard.  I feel bold in saying this, but it would be a dream come true for me.

In Reflection: This letter was written in a inspired moment.  It is about worthiness.  Embrace your guidance with trust and know that we are all human beings who suffer and that our compassionate true nature drives us to make our dreams come true.  I hope that my stepping forward allows you to do so in your life.         

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