Spiritual Stretches, The Daily 7, “To do’s”

Spiritual Stretches

The Daily 7, “To Do’s” 

1) Morning Mantra- I offer this day in service so it may benefit the highest and greatest good of all sentient beings.

2) Spiritual Stretches “7 minute workout”. Tutorial available on Karbarker Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qgbGwCkHis  video 4 mins.

3) Make eye contact and greet all who pass you by.  Be it a stranger or a friend treat them with the same openness of love and compassion.

4) Take 5 minutes, sit, feel the beating of your glorious heart.  Count the beats and  cultivate an inner and outer smile.

5) Feel the sun, breathe in and feel its warmth. Reflect how it nourishes you. Hold gratitude.

6) Take 5 minutes to follow your breath in and out of your body. Its rise and fall. Be conscious how it moves you physically and emotionally.

7) Bless All in Love.

It is in the cultivation of love and compassion that joy is born.  It is through the diligence of a daily practice that the practice becomes ones nature.  This mergence creates the radiance of love and joy that is felt by all living beings. Therefore pain and negativity of thought is transformed or recycled into the positive.  Having the consistency in practice, the mind will become retrained in love.

In Reflection: “Live your Brilliance”

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  1. I loved your Podcast referring to your experience with Dr. Jean Houston… and I love your energy as I look around your site.

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