Pure Heart Meditation

The natural spiral of Love
The natural spiral of Love

This pure heart meditation was inspired in the healing of Male/female relationship.  If we live in this place all else falls away.  The ego or energy of struggle we hold so tight to at times has nothing to take root in.  In my heart I love and I act from there.

There is a great need in the healing of humanity the aspect of sexuality.  So much hurt and old beliefs have been cultivated over millennia.  My prayer in sharing this is that freedom and this purity take hold in all our hearts so we can be filled with the ease and grace of this joy filled celebration we call life.

Pure Heart Meditation
I invoke the pure Heart
I follow my breath
Listening to the beating of my heart
Quietly waiting
Creating space

Sans thoughts
Sans words
Sans voices in my head

The brilliant light fills every space suspended
I am pure of heart
I am pure heart
Let the frequency of truth resound within
In its peace
Lightness of peace
I breathe in
Expansive light
Expansive peace
The gentleness is easy
Its beauty is soft

I am
I am this light

I am the highest understanding of light in the universe

Where do I feel tension?
I feel tension in my shoulders
Send the light there
Let go of the holding in harmony with your breath

Release all old beliefs and hurt in all directions of time so you may live fully in this place
Pure of heart has no room in its expansiveness for thoughts or voices
It communicates using peace and love
Saturate yourself with this love
Its abundance and bounty supports the freedom of spirit on earth

Sans thoughts
Sans words
Sans voices in my head

Be at peace in this nothingness
Fly into this abyss
Of light
Of compassion
Of joy

Channeled Monday Jan 28, 2008

In Reflection: Meet me in the heart to share in the power of pleasure of the physical body, the  power to heal, the power to anchor in together the highest understanding of love in the universe and have it radiate out to all humanity and the earth for re-balancing and healing.

 Meet in the place of the pure Heart and set the intention that the generosity of come union will be abundant for all sentient beings.

 The heart will guide you with unending oceans of light and creation.

 I am your female.  You are my male.  Cherish the form.

Find the beauty in your heart to see, with love, the creation of form in the male and female.  Hold it as your own completeness.

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