Episode 39, The Power to Heal: “Structured Water”

My healing journey with Water has been exhilarating and a huge learning curve for me.  I share with you some of the Doctors of various backgrounds researching the concept of Structured water otherwise named the fourth phase of water.

Dr. Gerald Pollack, Dr.Patrick Flanagan, Dr. Carly Nuday and Dr. Thomas Cowan.  Please google them to explore more for yourself. Dr. John Mercola has many of their videos and articles on www.mercola.com

*Please note a correction to the area Dr. Patrick Flanagan researched water is Hunza rather than Hunan.  Hunza Land is a valley of 8000 feet in elevation surrounded by some of the tallest mountains in the world. these mountains have ice blue glaciers and this is where their water comes from.  


Intro Music composed and performed by Paul Armitage

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