Off to India….A Feel Good Flood Story

"Tara" Line Drawing

“Tara” line drawing
Transformations, “Scars graced by Art”

A Feel Good Flood Story


Yes…. I was one of the infamous occupants of the homes featured on the news of the Canmore Flood, June 20, 2013.


This is an amazing unfolding of one of life’s embraceable opportunities from a life changing event.

Six weeks before the flood, I booked an appointment for a traveller coming from India.  July 8th, approximately two and a half weeks after the flood I returned to work.  It was my normalcy, my ground wire.   I had the pleasure of working with Ajai from India.  He heard of my plight and made me an offer to come and stay as his guest in his home on the ocean in Goa, India.

I must admit I was infinitely excited but had to pinch myself at the reality of my life.  He was scheduled to return for a follow up appointment in a few days. I promised I would ask him to clarify his offer.  I had to make sure I heard him right, as I was processing so much from the uprooting of the Flood.  I wanted to make sure I heard right.

Yes, I did hear right.  I proceeded to go onto YouTube to view the presentation of his villa and the research started.  I ran into several yoga teachers in the BowValley who had heard of his Yoga retreat centre.  One Ayrevedic doctor had taken a group to his centre for a few weeks with resounding success.  The woman who booked the treatment for Ajai was a great friend of his.  She had journeyed there yearly for the last 25 years.  That was inspirational.


I said “Yes” to his offer and the magic started to unfold.


With deep gratitude…To Ajai… Rosalie…. The ticket was bought…Tourist Visa effortlessly received…dates planned…immunizations done…

My mother passed at the beginning of the year with severe Parkinson’s.  I was happy she was not here to see my daughter and I live through this “flood event”, as I refer to it.  I could feel her with me every step of the way and she was taking care of us from her place of grace.  In the last few months, my father chose to get remarried.  In celebration it added to my liberation.  I stayed with him a few nights a week as he grieved.  As a single mom, my daughter who was with me for 19 years chose to live at her boyfriends’ parents…I was alone for the first time….

She decided she didn’t want any of the items I had thoughtfully put away for her over the years. We, as parents take on the responsibility of providing for our young as they choose to depart the nest.  Buying an apartment or condo for them and furnishing it.  Interesting belief system.  My parents said goodbye to me at the train and that is all I got at that time.  The flood threw us out of our home.  She was staying at her friends when the event happened so she was angry with no closure. The items, as I referred to, were stuff: dining room table, chairs, blender, plates etc.  Bathroom and bedroom furnishings. With the burden of stuff….where do we store it all?.  She decided to pay it forward and give it all away.  I followed her lead. Keeping my mattress and a few items that fit in a 5×10 locker. We were now living apart.

With no home to return to, if her living arrangements did not work out, we processed through what was her and my responsibility.  I found that I was replacing her in my life with the prospects of a room mate and returning to the flood home.  In the 11th hour, awakening from a restful sleep, I gazed at the early morning sky full of stars. The energy of love and support filled my heart.  I knew I needed to embrace fully the freedom the universe has created for me.  That day, I texted my potential roomy, rental management company and said I had to embrace this freedom. It was a hard choice as tensions filled my stomach but I knew this felt right.  I try to be conscious in my decision making of what and who I am responsible for…I am still retraining myself out of old habits.  In essence I ask the question, Is this my truth?  Does this honor me?

My 8th temporary home is beautiful.  It is a win-win for the owner and myself as she has needed a house sitter in her travels to Spain, Croatia and California. She invited me to stay in the basement bedroom until I leave for Goa.  I have the flexibility to stay another 2 months upon my return.  This gave me a great peace of mind.

I have met with some generous friends who have guided me and shared their Mother India experiences: cautioning me about the water, keeping my mouth closed as I showered.  What worked for them treating or preventing Malaria.

With an open heart……I embrace this leg of my life’s journey with freedom and joy….creating only with love.  I acknowledge and say “Goodbye” to that old friend Fear that got me up in the morning with responsibilities of parenthood.

I love you all who have kissed my adventures of life with your presence.

FYI…The website is: www.aashayanalakhanpal.com





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