New Years Toast, 2014

New Years Message

New Years Message

New Years Toast from Goa, India : To the life changing events that have shaped my new direction, to the compassionate brave hearts that have believed in me and the generous souls that have held me up in the challenging times. I LOVE YOU ALL !!!

In my hearts you will always live.
…..From Aashyana Lakhanpal , Goa , India

I shared a gentle story with Don Petersen, a talented tattoo artist who has worked with me to create some profound body murals adorning my hip replacement scars, that I will share with you.  “Transformations, Scars graced by Art” is a passion project of mine…you can see it on my website.


With the large number of people from all over India that flock to the Goa beaches for New Years celebrations I was the only woman I saw with body art. I felt unsure about taking my sarong off…. maybe it was a cultural thing and was only being cautious…at my first walk on the ocean I kept my sarong on but by the afternoon when I returned to the ocean I decided to embrace myself and move forward with the concept of acceptance.


Swimming in the warm sea I noticed an a large older woman in this purple bikini who had trouble walking along the beach…noticeably hip issues….As I walked out of the ocean she stopped dead in her tracks in awe of the beauty of my artwork.  She asked me where I had got it done….I shared with her my story how they adorned my hip replacement scars.  She was from Italia….the connection was made and it was perfect.


Sun kissed on Day One the magic continues to unfold.

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