New Year Blessings for Brilliance and Joy

The natural spiral of Love

As this year comes to an end my mother passed peacefully in her sleep December 30.2012.   She battled with Parkinson’s for several years.

Many conversations were about embracing the transition of death.  As those transitioned around her it opened a doorway to discuss her fears around this natural process.  I knew that the birth process was possibly the most difficult and that in death there was a ease and grace.

When I was birthing my daughter, I had the experience of rising out of my body and feeling the intense love and enveloping of peace…I was thrown back into my body to greet the pain and contractions of labor.  Received as a blessing I knew it was not time to exit this world.

The early hours of the morning when my mother passed I had intense throbbing pain in my heart.  I did what I knew and breathed into my heart in hope to relax it.  As I expanded the breath in my heart it expanded to what I felt went on forever.  The vastness was something I had never experienced before.  My body, as I checked in, did not feel like my own.  Thin and tiny is what I felt.  As I continued to breath, with that focus of expansion, I felt a cool wind at my side and a touch of a hand on my forearm.  It surprised me.  In reflection, I wish I could have stopped and talked with her. The experience was enough.  I gently fell back into sleep at 4:45 am until I was awoken by a phone call from my father that My mother, Helen had passed in her sleep. It all made sense to me.

I made my way to my parents home, where my mother was still lying in bed until all the siblings arrived.  The physical was no representation to who she was in my life.  As she was removed from her home, by the funeral home, a circle of love was made by joining hands and saying a gentle prayer.  It was very moving.

The following night a slight ache in my heart arose me at 3 am.  I acknowledged it and asked her to fill me with support.  I have continually talked with her and do feel her energy in communion with me. The energy that fills me is almost intoxicating.  A new journey with her has begun.  As she birthed me,  it feels I have helped birth her in some way. Magic is afoot and I am open and ready to embrace it. So may this New Year grace you with continued brilliance and joy.

Love you Mom.


In Reflection:  How often does fear stop the beauty and magic of life from filling our lives.     

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