Am I Truly Free?

2015-04-19 13.27.02In this Audio Blog…..I am exploring the concept of freedom in our lives….What makes my heart sing? What are my basic needs to feel free? A Courageous path of Reflection as the layers become deeper as my self honesty and Truth reveals itself.

Emotional freedom….freedom of the mind…..How many of us can say “I am at peace, I am free.….any upheaval or trigger is a sign we need to be asking the question.  How can I truly be free?  A Simple yet profound exploration into the human condition.  

In the George Bernard Shaw’s play,”Saint. Joan”, Joan of Arc 1430 ad. contemplates freedom. She trusts in the verdict to be freed when she tells the truth but sadly discovers she has been betrayed to a sentence of Life imprisonment.  Is that living? What do I fear? “Do you think that life is nothing but not being Stone Dead?”  Her resolve:  LIGHT YOUR FIRE!

Every time, I recite this piece something profoundly moves me therefore I trust in sharing it with you.



In reflection: I discover a gentle nuance… when I do not share my feelings I feel a sense of unrest.  I choose to imprison these thoughts in my heart.  I am not free…..As I give them voice and can I step closer to inner peace……There should be a warning label when one begins the unveiling … “Am I free?” 

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