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I have been studying since April 2021 with the BeLife Insitute for Higher Consciousness under the instruction of Master Del Pe.

Since April, 2021, I have personally found changes in my life. These changes encompass my mind, intuition and strength in my physical body.

The courses I have completed are:

Third Eye Level Two which enhances psychic ability in these challenging times.

BeWell Science Intermediate addresses the esoteric and energetic understanding of our bodies and how we relate in this world. A gentle treatment protocol to understand where physical/emotional/mental pain is effecting dis-ease or function in our body.

Esoteric Psychology acknowledges we are all unique in our expression as soul on this plane. Learning a physical protocol that can help daily enhance our focus and mind to transform our old traumatic patterns is fabulous and effective in my client base.

What excites me about his curriculum it combines science with spiritual technology. A phrase he has coined. If we look at our physical bodies like a cellphone our program has gone from analogue to digital. Our Bodies continue to get upgraded with the energy and change around us. Our antenna is our connection to source/God, the infinite or our higher self. There are many terms to explain this connection. Our intuition, inner guidance has been with us since the beginning of time . We have lost the connection causing insecurity or self doubt. This connection lifetimes ago probably helped us forge food or navigate the seas. Re Igniting this connection creates a confidence to navigate life with a sense of strength and clarity. Specific breathing techniques, an easy workout protocol and guided visualisation become tools to access this Spiritual technology. I like to call it Quantum Medicine.

I have been able to integrate Master Del Pe’s work successfully within treatments. Empowerment is crucial to self healing. Please access his various websites .. .



Live Your Brilliance in this Life!

About Me

My personal experience of chronic pain has brought me to the work I do today. Born with necrotic femoral arteries, the hip joint was compromised in its development which caused severe osteoarthritis at the young age of 14.

It took perseverance and strength of will to find a surgeon who would operate on a 36 year old woman. By this age I was crippled.

In 1996, I was gifted with two hip replacements. Pain free for the first time in my lifetime.  I taught myself how to walk properly and retrain my mind to accept this new reality.

(picture) I helped deliver this beautiful baby Jasmine February 2015, to help me understand the process a woman anad baby go thru delivery. Grateful to her mom Jamie…and Dad.

2013, with 9 complicated hip surgeries I feel this chapter of my life is completed. It has become a personal passion to inspire others to find peace of mind, joy and beauty of life. The choice to live a harmonious life.  A component to my brilliant recovery was the journey of training my mind to accept, receive and choose to embrace the positive.

Visceral Manipulation and Cranial Therapy

by Karen barker

Baby Jasmine 4.5 months

Dr. Jean Pierre Barral, an osteopath in Grenoble, France, developed Visceral Manipulation in 1971. Dr. Barral was treating a patient who had back pain. The patient confirmed he felt relief when “an old man” he’d been going to “pushed on his abdomen”. Dr. Barral noticed increased movement in his spine. This sparked his curiosity in the body’s internal relationship with the spine.

After years of research, thousands of clients, and his profound knowledge of the anatomy, he developed Visceral Manipulation. Europeans undergo vigorous testing in VM before earning their diploma on the internal structures. Dr. Barral will often say “IF YOU ARE CAUSING PAIN YOU ARE NOT DOING THE WORK CORRECTLY..THE BODY HAS HAD ENOUGH PAIN”.

There are 4 factors that they have found influence the function of the viscera. The soft tissue that is to be referred to as the viscera is the nerve tissue, blood vessels, organs and the brain.

Physical Factor: encompasses motor vehicle accidents, birth, falls surgery and abuse both physical and sexual.

Chemical: includes excess alcohol, smoking, poisoning and exposure to toxic substances, drugs, and infections be it viral or bacterial.

Thermal: heat exhaustion, sunstroke, frostbite, hypothermia, burns.

Emotional: increased stress, anger, depression, and fears.

The viscera is governed by the involuntary nervous system and does not differentiate between physical and psychological pain. For example receiving news of the death of a loved one can cause real physical symptoms of nausea, stomach pain, dizziness, etc.

In a treatment loose clothing is worn. The internal structures have a different tension in gravity than in lying down, so assessments are done in standing and in sitting.

The brain in also classified as viscera. The cranial osteopathic techniques release strain patterns in the membranes surrounding the brain therefore restoring balance in the environment around the brain. Yes, it directly affects the cerebrospinal fluid as in the Craniosacral work of Dr. John Upledger.

I have been studying with Jean Pierre since 1997. In October 1999, I travelled to St Etienne, France. At the International Osteopathic College I studied the urogenital manual techniques. In Ayr, Scotland I join the U.K. division of the Barral Institute to enhance my skills with Dr. Barral. He shares his new research and techniques. I await to return for the “Brain” Class once Covid restrictions lift.

I see amazing results and have had the personal experience through my chronic pain journey of this successful and profound work. I see it as a key to wellness….Naturally.

Benefits in the treatment of:

  • Fractures or broken bones
  • Whiplash of Falls
  • Sports Injuries
  • Joint and Ligament Injuries
  • Scar Tissue resulting from injury, post radiation or surgical adhesion’s
  • Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Sensory Changes; tingling, numbness, nerve pain, sciatic, spinal cord injury
  • Degenerative conditions, osteoarthritis
  • Migraines, Headaches
  • Post partum Conditions and Difficult Deliveries

Unique Benefits in Providing Assistance with Childhood Conditions such as:

  • Birth Trauma (moms can benefit too)
  • Delayed Fine or Gross Motor skills
  • Seizure Activity
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity
  • Poor Sleep Patterns
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Digestive Difficulties and Colic

Treatment Sessions

Mobility tests are generally assessed in standing and seated positions. The evaluation is done with the patient clothed or as needed. No prior paperwork is necessary.

Insurance Coverage

Please check with your Insurance Representative for details if you have coverage for Registered Massage Therapy.

Cancellation Policy

We appreciate a 24 hour notice of cancellations, otherwise full payment is required. due to illness or those travelling in winter months consideration is given to weather and road conditions. Prices vary in various office locations.

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