Is Complacency the new Dis-ease of the Human Consciousness?

Indian Paintbrush1I am walking on the evening of the Full moon….As I make my way I am overcome by this wave of insight. I had to search within myself as to what it felt like……”Complacency” was the emotion I feel.  I look around at all the homes that are lit from the inside I think….How many people are content with life? What is their level of passion, love and joy?….  Do people cross the street proverbially when the norm becomes a flat-line….uneventful and dull.  When we desire to sleep in avoidance of making the changes we need because it would rock the boat or take too much energy.  Is it too hard to step forward, claim our joy and make the necessary changes so that our lives can be balanced on all levels.  We can experience the blissful ecstatic joy every day in every moment if that becomes our goal or intention.  It may take shifting some neuro-plasticity in the brain….but it is well worth the effort.

I have come to know that we have chosen as a consciousness for some reason that we only can learn from pain and suffering…..that is an untruth…a seed that I will not tend in my garden any longer….I found I learn more from the choice to create my life from love and joy.

There is deep truth in the concept that if we have known pain we can cherish and respect the gift of choosing the power of love….there is a conscious choice in that….After the flood where loss and emotional pain filled my heart and mind I went within and made a vow to myself that I will make a choice to create my life from a place of love and joy in all I do. Yes it has takes effort and discipline but is well worth it.

When I ask the ? Do I feel alive or numb?  I implore change…I attract individuals whose purpose is to shock me out of my complacent choices…..It is never comfortable when I am shocked but know it is temporary….and when I start to choose love and joy in all of my decisions…living life from the heart as my guide…..I  transform my surroundings (maybe moving), releasing toxic people from my lives, (divorce, separation, new friends), change my job… creating a temporary uncertainty…it is all for a good cause.  I see it as cleaning my garden ….carting out the old dirt and getting a whole new load of rich and nurturing soil , the foundation that supports all the new seeds of joy, love, bliss, fun, abundance, etc. to grow.

Dr. Bruce Lipton writes about the chemical change that happens when we begin to think positive from negative. Our brain actually makes different chemicals that we can go into withdrawal around causing physical pain and emotional upheaval…..procrastination…..lets think different next week I am toooo tired!! Sound familiar?  You are wasting days of living life to its fullest.  You can gift yourself with bliss and ecstasy in every moment….Wouldn’t that be a new goal to set in your life.


IN REFLECTION:  Am I Complacent? Numb?….Do I feel the excitement of seeing everyday as a new present to open….Like Mary Poppin’s carpet bag…I keep discovering new gifts and you know what……it is Endless.  

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