Inspired Poetry from Surgery

The natural spiral of Love

The natural spiral of Love

The joy full sun graces my gentle light.

Reaching, igniting a remembrance of radiance.

Forgotten over surgery, over pain, over grief

The sun, a reflection of my divinity lifts me into the white light consciousness where the Crystal light dances freely in “a bon danse”

The great dance

Giddiness bubbles in my heart

Infinite time slows down….

Suspends each moment

In a treasure of life

Grateful for this brilliant gem of celebration

Coolness coats my body in its healing

A gentle peace creates space for transformation

In this nothingness,

I am the experience of the vessel….Our physical form….


Sparkles of light show themselves reminding me I am not alone


Undulations of energy pulse thru me

My lightening rods anchoring energy into

The crystal heart of the mother earth to

The crystal heart of the cosmos

The anchoring point is my heart weaving infinity into time.



The confetti of Celebration lands Softly on the earth…

from the Earth…. It returns, Holding Gratitude in its Wake.


Pure Heart

Free of attachment

Expanding Peace… Sharing from my heart

The Universal Heart…A river of wisdom flowing endlessly…. infinitely for all that are open to receive. A peace… compassion for all adversity The Illusion… The interacting that creates dynamics… Out of the projection an expansive moment…. out of time …within time …Breaking the illusion of time…. Death a crossing over from time

To be free,To go home, Our truth, reality.


In reflection: Allow the flow of spirit to live within your heart.  Create! 

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