InHale Rome….Exhale Venice!!


The Coliseum, Rome Italy

The Coliseum, Rome Italy

Inhale Rome… Exhale Venice!!
Is the concept of “lost” an illusion?

Insights of travelling: It heightens my senses.

Conscious exercise of:
noting directions when having my daily walk about…
Food I eat…
where is my passport?
credit card?

remembering my code for the room safe
Surprised at the numerous moments of complacency, as I engage in my daily life in a familiar environment.

The concept of lost…is it an illusion?

I inhale....

Yes, I reflectively giggle and am amused at how my first day in Rome unfolded.

Lost twice in one day on arrival and I freaked out, fell Into a brief emotional ” I hate Rome, I wanna go home”.

As I lay on a bed in my hotel room…I was breathing into the frenzy. I managed to detach myself from feeling emotionally crazed to see a bigger picture of the days unfolding.

From the train station,  I was dropped off at…what I thought to be my new home for the next three days.  It wasn’t after waiting for 30 minutes. Unable to reach anyone at the face of a locked Oak door…I felt empty….

Downstairs was a telemarketing company… the women who choose to help me opened their hearts when they realized my situation. I pleaded with them, “I am lost are you going to help me… what do I do?”
One woman courageously stepped in…she embraced this as her mission… being a phone telemarketing company using the computers to “google” the right address …was off bounds to me. I was on my Iphone roaming Ouch, on emergency airtime.

Cha ching!!! The thought came and went quickly… I am worth it.
An Italian call to a taxi and I was off in the right direction with already a Rome story behind me.

Arriving at the proper location, I apologized for holding the staff up at the hotel, who were patiently waiting for me. I took full responsibility for my mistake. It was humbling…

In the late evening, I had a wonderful dinner. Full…I thought a lengthy walk would be perfect.

I had company of a traveller from Sweden. We walked until I ended up at the coliseum. Happily to have company…I was swept up in the conversation…having not takin’ full notes in the dark how I got here …we parted and I bravely went into the quiet dark streets of midnight.
One hour later nothing looked familiar. I started to panic. I got the “NO” feeling. I stopped and talked to a few groups of travelers that spoke German and Polish. Unsuccessful in getting directions.

Trying to Breathe into this dilemma, I approached a collective of “white” taxi drivers.  the renowned safe taxi’s of Roma.  I kept repeating “the steps.” Where I presumed I lived…gesturing the stairs, with my hands, and on the verge of holding back my tears. This was truly a dramatic moment.  If my theatre career didn’t help me here I was truly F***.  Woohoo!! They rallied and found a driver who could speak some English.

I was going home. The drive felt like forever…it reflected to me I was no where near my bed.
Feeling into my purse, I was made aware I had no cash…only credit card from dinner, no iPhone and no passport.  We arrived outside…I darted upstairs to open my room safe with the right code and gladly gave the driver 20 euros.

I exhale…

I was safe, at home and ready to sleep. First, I text my daughter to let her know “I hated Rome and couldn’t get out fast enough.” I would give myself the night to sleep this off and decide in the morning. What I will do?

Dawn came….I entered meditation I was shown the bigger picture. I was in my bed…warm, safe, intact. I closed my eyes…breathed and noticed being lost is an illusion…I am right here.

Another of my learning curves in this chapter of my life, is a desire to live with my heart open to allow myself to be taken care of.

I Inhale…

I was “taken care of”, by the telemarketing girls, dinner companion, taxi drivers, staff at the hotel, and other travelers.
In 3 Skype debriefs, with close friends, I truly experienced “a Compassionate Rome.”

I admit, My first impression was jaded with thousands of people, smoking, unending noise, attitude and chaos. I was warned of pick pockets , which planted a seed of fear. I knew I had to be responsible/aware but with compassion and an open heart rather than with the edge of protecting myself.

The next day I took the city tour, saw all what I needed to see from an outdoor seat, as my legs were crying uncle. I acquired a great set of earphones…which I had considered purchasing for those Skype calls.

In conclusion, the rest of my stay in Rome was fantastic. I slept for 15 hours ready to embrace the magic of Venice. I sat in a church devoted to the Ascension of Mary.  Tears welled up Inside me as I felt the intensity of my life, a journey of adversities that had truly been my growth as well as the celebrated times of success and love.

I happily exhale!!

Garibaldi in Venice, Italy

Garibaldi in Venice, Italy



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