You are the Universe: Let your Heart be your Guide

In these times of adversity to keep an open heart requires diligence and daily practice.  Releasing the forces that keep us in old patterns is liberating and gifts us with the freedom to make our soul sing.

Please only accept what is acceptable to you and embrace the space to create and allow more divine love and joy to radiate within your being for that is truly who you are.

 Life is a series of heartfelt connections. My purpose is to make a heart connection.  Very often theory lies in the way of truth and holds us back.  As I refer to in “Spiritual Stretches”, if it gives you the “Yes feeling” go with it.  If you feel confused in your heart or it doesn’t feel right, let it go.  It is about finding the way that feels right in your heart.

“As The Buddha shared there are many roads that led to the same mansion.”

Co-creating with the Universal Heart

With your partner, your pet, or your child as you hold each other heart to heart in an embrace, breathe in and out being present and aware of the energy of your heart and its chakra. Extend your consciousness out to feel the heart energy of the other that you are coming into union with. As you hold your attention to both of you, wait and gently breathe with the intention of love, that universal unconditional love you are experiencing, in safety, with this being.

In this moment if you are drawn, give voice to “I Love You.”   It will start to shift the energy; in my experience an encompassing beautiful energy surrounds my partner and me.  Be in this as you focus on the breath you both create.  Open your heart so that it unfolds uniquely every time you engage in this exercise.  Allow the growth to blossom for both of you.

The truth lives in your Heart

Be assured if you go into your heart you will discover what others are saying have or have not the grounds of truth.  Believe in yourself is the gift you give yourself.

Your inner warrior is being tested.  Know without a doubt that you are the light of the universe.  Shine your light so you may light or enlighten them to the truth within themselves.

excerpts from ” The Joy of Being” copyright 2007 at available on 

In Reflection:  How do you create new connections in your life.  Do they have integrity? 

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