Divine Soup and Wine Series #9 Marsala Roasted Butternut Squash, Yam and Sweated Leek

Marsala Roasted Butternut Squash, Yam and Sweated Leek

Roast at 350 F:  Cut in half aButternut Squash and place face down in a pan with an inch of water

Roast a large Yam in a pan that has been poked with a fork several times.  Leave both vegetables in the oven until soft to the touch which is approximately one hour.  If you have an orange or red pepper put it on a baking sheet and roast it as well for garnish.   Once it turns dark and wilts remove from oven.

Stove Top on Low:  Cut a largeLeek in thin slices in a soup pot with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Marsala spice approx. 2-3 T.  Sweat the leeks until they are wilted , may take 30-40 minutes.  Leave to sit on stove top until other ingredients are ready.

Combine cooled squash and yam with leeks.  Fill with good quality water approx. 4-6 cups and add Vegetable Knorr’s soup bouillon to taste.

Stove Top on Medium Heat:  When it comes to a boil turn the element off and place in glass jars.

To serve : Pour soup over a Falafel Ball which acts as a protein course and crouton.  It will soften and augments the Indian Marsala spice in the dish.  You can garnish with slices of the cooled orange pepper.

I will add Brendan’s Glass wine pairing April 13th.

In Reflection:  Do you make time to explore some new taste sensations to spice up your life?

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