Divine Soup and Wine Series #13

                                                “Augmented” Authentic Beet Soup




In many conversations with Ukrainian women authentic beet soup is just made with all the components of the beets and sea salt.  I did up a batch and decided to add a few Red Jalapeno Peppers that I roasted on the barbecue last week.  I added some white onion.  The flavor and heat was overwhelming so I proceeded to add a can of coconut milk to cut the heat and it made it palatable for me.

My brother and daughter whom loves heat… received a jar of the soup sans the coconut milk.

Today, I will add to the experience… barbecue roasted Zucchini…I guess this makes it a whole new creation.  I love cooking and how with our own specific tastes we can creatively augment a basic recipe into something we love making it special.

In Reflection: Please… with what you explore in your kitchen…give yourself permission to break free from the recipe and discover within yourself what makes your heart sing.


Beet Leaf Pesto

 I have taken weeks to find some healthy looking beet leaves and at the Farmers Market in Canmore I had success.   With enthusiasm, I bought the beets knowing that a pesto was ahead.

Beet Leaf Pesto in Bells

Beet Leaf Pesto in Bells

Chop Beet leaves, “Trick, if they are slightly wilted” Cut off the bottom stems and place it in a glass of spring water…they will revive themselves for cutting…

Add garlic crushed and diced,

Sesame oil and Olive oil, extra virgin

Chopped up sunflower seeds or walnuts

Grated Parmesan cheese

Sea salt


Mix it up and feel free to add it with whatever graces your palate.  I stuffed colorful peppers and cooked it on the barbecue.  Vegan and Yummy!!

I paired these delights with a “Rose” from Le Provence, France….Delicate and light for the Fall sun. It magically marries the flavors…


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