Divine Soup and Wine Series #12,”Celebrate Life”

A Barbeque Vegan Meal

A Barbecue Vegan Meal

A Great Barbecue Meal

It features :

Tofu cooked in a Green Jalapeno sauce.

Eggplant sliced in 1/2″ strips and doused with sesame and extra virgin olive oil.  Augmented in sea salt is yummy.

Portebello mushroom is cooked in a basil pesto sauce.

Broccoli is covered in a Bragg’s or soya sauce.  I would have preferred Bragg’s but this temporary home I am in from the Canmore Flood and they did not have this item.

What you see on the small plate is a fresh fig with blue cheese.

A glass of Reventos i Blanc de Nuit,  2009,  Cava, product of Spain has a splash of hibiscus syrup.

It would have been my mothers 77th birthday.  The first birthday since her passing so I honor her with this meal…

Her passion was to Celebrate Life everyday…..

In reflection: Do you honor yourself and celebrate the brilliance that is within you?

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