Calm Mind – The Beating Heart Meditation

Beating Heart Meditation

Allow yourself to find a quiet peaceful place.   You may want to lie down or sit up in a yoga or meditation stance.  Take a deep breath in and exhale a few times.  Place your hand over your heart.  Allow your hand to feel the beating of your heart.  With your eyes closed, allow yourself to feel inside the beating of your heart then the space that the heart occupies in your chest.

Focus single mindedly on the beating of the heart.  Allow the beating to take you deeper into the energy of your body.  Allow whatever thoughts or images that come through to be like clouds floating across the sky without judgment.  You are not resisting any images or thoughts let go of them and just be.  Follow the beating of the heart and go into those places in your chest where you feel an opening, tiredness or heaviness.

As you breathe in, plant that seed of the sun.  Extend the beautiful rays of golden white light of the sun.  Allow for them to grow so that your heart becomes the sun extending its energy out in all directions.

We can extend this meditation out to any of your beautiful friends, pets that come and want to lie on your chest, as Angel is lying on mine, or your dog.  Allow yourself to extend the rays out so you can feel their heart beat on your chest.  Tune into their beating heart.  Allow whatever insights come.  A few that I will share with you is that I felt that I was my cat, Angel.  I yawn, and feel energized, quiet, the verge of sleep and awake. Enjoy the beating heart meditation.

In reflection:  How do I connect with myself effectively?  This connection does not come naturally for many of us and cultivating it is a daily choice.   Gift yourself.

This is an excerpt from “The Joy of Being” Infinity Publishing, copyright2007 Available at

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