Pure Heart Meditation

The natural spiral of Love
The natural spiral of Love

This pure heart meditation was inspired in the healing of Male/female relationship.  If we live in this place all else falls away.  The ego or energy of struggle we hold so tight to at times has nothing to take root in.  In my heart I love and I act from there.

There is a great need in the healing of humanity the aspect of sexuality.  So much hurt and old beliefs have been cultivated over millennia.  My prayer in sharing this is that freedom and this purity take hold in all our hearts so we can be filled with the ease and grace of this joy filled celebration we call life.

Pure Heart Meditation
I invoke the pure Heart
I follow my breath
Listening to the beating of my heart
Quietly waiting
Creating space

Sans thoughts
Sans words
Sans voices in my head

The brilliant light fills every space suspended
I am pure of heart
I am pure heart
Let the frequency of truth resound within
In its peace
Lightness of peace
I breathe in
Expansive light
Expansive peace
The gentleness is easy
Its beauty is soft

I am
I am this light

I am the highest understanding of light in the universe

Where do I feel tension?
I feel tension in my shoulders
Send the light there
Let go of the holding in harmony with your breath

Release all old beliefs and hurt in all directions of time so you may live fully in this place
Pure of heart has no room in its expansiveness for thoughts or voices
It communicates using peace and love
Saturate yourself with this love
Its abundance and bounty supports the freedom of spirit on earth

Sans thoughts
Sans words
Sans voices in my head

Be at peace in this nothingness
Fly into this abyss
Of light
Of compassion
Of joy

Channeled Monday Jan 28, 2008

In Reflection: Meet me in the heart to share in the power of pleasure of the physical body, the  power to heal, the power to anchor in together the highest understanding of love in the universe and have it radiate out to all humanity and the earth for re-balancing and healing.

 Meet in the place of the pure Heart and set the intention that the generosity of come union will be abundant for all sentient beings.

 The heart will guide you with unending oceans of light and creation.

 I am your female.  You are my male.  Cherish the form.

Find the beauty in your heart to see, with love, the creation of form in the male and female.  Hold it as your own completeness.

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Spiritual Stretches, The Daily 7, “To do’s”

Spiritual Stretches

The Daily 7, “To Do’s” 

1) Morning Mantra- I offer this day in service so it may benefit the highest and greatest good of all sentient beings.

2) Spiritual Stretches “7 minute workout”. Tutorial available on Karbarker Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qgbGwCkHis  video 4 mins.

3) Make eye contact and greet all who pass you by.  Be it a stranger or a friend treat them with the same openness of love and compassion.

4) Take 5 minutes, sit, feel the beating of your glorious heart.  Count the beats and  cultivate an inner and outer smile.

5) Feel the sun, breathe in and feel its warmth. Reflect how it nourishes you. Hold gratitude.

6) Take 5 minutes to follow your breath in and out of your body. Its rise and fall. Be conscious how it moves you physically and emotionally.

7) Bless All in Love.

It is in the cultivation of love and compassion that joy is born.  It is through the diligence of a daily practice that the practice becomes ones nature.  This mergence creates the radiance of love and joy that is felt by all living beings. Therefore pain and negativity of thought is transformed or recycled into the positive.  Having the consistency in practice, the mind will become retrained in love.

In Reflection: “Live your Brilliance”

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Live Your Divinity, Just do It!

New Years Message Being Presence

Many have terms that describe the state of Mindfulness, being present, taking “time out” to slow down, but I seem to have discovered a precise description for myself that encompasses simplicity of a state of being.  “Being Presence” the expansive embrace of mindlessness….coining the phrase Live you Divinity” , Just do it!” is a contradictory in terms that requires reflection… or should it be….”Live your Divinity, Just be it!

My time in Goa has been one of intense, intimate, honest and personal reflection, truly experiencing new “Spiritual Stretching“.  It encompasses the intention to be open in a state of receiving from others in ways I have never done so before..in this lifetime.  The key word is softening to a place of the feminine where I am open to be taken care of….on all levels. Sounds lovely, but not easy from my life experience of being a single mother…..self employed and the story goes on…..re programming on a 180 degree turn with life….. No permanent home to go back to….non attachment on so many levels and experiencing freedom in ways I never thought, it could be defined.  Physically, emotionally mentally and now spiritually..  Trusting in a power bigger than myself to guide me, believing in my heart.  Choosing to be devoted to the honest voice within myself.  Those voices you and I hear….listen….it is easier than the struggle of disbelief.

With constant power outages, I write because the internet is down again…One of the many things, I think, us as Canadians, take for granted.  We are looking for high speed….In India…you are lucky to get a connection.  Another voice, release and let go…It is India…the lesson serves me in other ways to slow down, have acceptance of what is and glide easy with myself and thru life….If there are struggles… cut the cord of responsibility and see what happens….others step in….a new reality morphs into being….those responsibilities are an illusion….set the intention to release the responsibilities you have for a few days and see what happens….you can always step in again if those around did not pick up the ball.

This is my unfolding homework or research in India….it will hopefully enrich my life so I can bring the awareness home and share with others another depth of the journey of being a spiritual being in a physical reality.  What I can cultivate here for myself I ask that it happens for the highest good of all sentient beings.  Have great compassion with yourself and others….play the game of life with joy…as it is a game…and free yourself on all levels ……I am FREE.


In reflection: The Power of Self Love is Profound allow yourself the experience

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Inspired Poetry from Surgery

The natural spiral of Love

The natural spiral of Love

The joy full sun graces my gentle light.

Reaching, igniting a remembrance of radiance.

Forgotten over surgery, over pain, over grief

The sun, a reflection of my divinity lifts me into the white light consciousness where the Crystal light dances freely in “a bon danse”

The great dance

Giddiness bubbles in my heart

Infinite time slows down….

Suspends each moment

In a treasure of life

Grateful for this brilliant gem of celebration

Coolness coats my body in its healing

A gentle peace creates space for transformation

In this nothingness,

I am the experience of the vessel….Our physical form….


Sparkles of light show themselves reminding me I am not alone


Undulations of energy pulse thru me

My lightening rods anchoring energy into

The crystal heart of the mother earth to

The crystal heart of the cosmos

The anchoring point is my heart weaving infinity into time.



The confetti of Celebration lands Softly on the earth…

from the Earth…. It returns, Holding Gratitude in its Wake.


Pure Heart

Free of attachment

Expanding Peace… Sharing from my heart

The Universal Heart…A river of wisdom flowing endlessly…. infinitely for all that are open to receive. A peace… compassion for all adversity The Illusion… The interacting that creates dynamics… Out of the projection an expansive moment…. out of time …within time …Breaking the illusion of time…. Death a crossing over from time

To be free,To go home, Our truth, reality.


In reflection: Allow the flow of spirit to live within your heart.  Create! 

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Am I Truly Free?

2015-04-19 13.27.02In this Audio Blog…..I am exploring the concept of freedom in our lives….What makes my heart sing? What are my basic needs to feel free? A Courageous path of Reflection as the layers become deeper as my self honesty and Truth reveals itself.

Emotional freedom….freedom of the mind…..How many of us can say “I am at peace, I am free.….any upheaval or trigger is a sign we need to be asking the question.  How can I truly be free?  A Simple yet profound exploration into the human condition.  

In the George Bernard Shaw’s play,”Saint. Joan”, Joan of Arc 1430 ad. contemplates freedom. She trusts in the verdict to be freed when she tells the truth but sadly discovers she has been betrayed to a sentence of Life imprisonment.  Is that living? What do I fear? “Do you think that life is nothing but not being Stone Dead?”  Her resolve:  LIGHT YOUR FIRE!

Every time, I recite this piece something profoundly moves me therefore I trust in sharing it with you.



In reflection: I discover a gentle nuance… when I do not share my feelings I feel a sense of unrest.  I choose to imprison these thoughts in my heart.  I am not free…..As I give them voice and can I step closer to inner peace……There should be a warning label when one begins the unveiling … “Am I free?” 

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Is Complacency the new Dis-ease of the Human Consciousness?

Indian Paintbrush1I am walking on the evening of the Full moon….As I make my way I am overcome by this wave of insight. I had to search within myself as to what it felt like……”Complacency” was the emotion I feel.  I look around at all the homes that are lit from the inside I think….How many people are content with life? What is their level of passion, love and joy?….  Do people cross the street proverbially when the norm becomes a flat-line….uneventful and dull.  When we desire to sleep in avoidance of making the changes we need because it would rock the boat or take too much energy.  Is it too hard to step forward, claim our joy and make the necessary changes so that our lives can be balanced on all levels.  We can experience the blissful ecstatic joy every day in every moment if that becomes our goal or intention.  It may take shifting some neuro-plasticity in the brain….but it is well worth the effort.

I have come to know that we have chosen as a consciousness for some reason that we only can learn from pain and suffering…..that is an untruth…a seed that I will not tend in my garden any longer….I found I learn more from the choice to create my life from love and joy.

There is deep truth in the concept that if we have known pain we can cherish and respect the gift of choosing the power of love….there is a conscious choice in that….After the flood where loss and emotional pain filled my heart and mind I went within and made a vow to myself that I will make a choice to create my life from a place of love and joy in all I do. Yes it has takes effort and discipline but is well worth it.

When I ask the ? Do I feel alive or numb?  I implore change…I attract individuals whose purpose is to shock me out of my complacent choices…..It is never comfortable when I am shocked but know it is temporary….and when I start to choose love and joy in all of my decisions…living life from the heart as my guide…..I  transform my surroundings (maybe moving), releasing toxic people from my lives, (divorce, separation, new friends), change my job… creating a temporary uncertainty…it is all for a good cause.  I see it as cleaning my garden ….carting out the old dirt and getting a whole new load of rich and nurturing soil , the foundation that supports all the new seeds of joy, love, bliss, fun, abundance, etc. to grow.

Dr. Bruce Lipton writes about the chemical change that happens when we begin to think positive from negative. Our brain actually makes different chemicals that we can go into withdrawal around causing physical pain and emotional upheaval…..procrastination…..lets think different next week I am toooo tired!! Sound familiar?  You are wasting days of living life to its fullest.  You can gift yourself with bliss and ecstasy in every moment….Wouldn’t that be a new goal to set in your life.


IN REFLECTION:  Am I Complacent? Numb?….Do I feel the excitement of seeing everyday as a new present to open….Like Mary Poppin’s carpet bag…I keep discovering new gifts and you know what……it is Endless.  

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Infamous Yoga “Plank”, How it has transformed my body and mind!!

Blue Bay Sunrise at Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Unity…Blue Bay Sunrise at Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

“I need a Holiday!”.…After 4 years, 2009-2012, of 4 extensive hip surgeries I found myself in tears.  Exhausted.  I finally, in deep honesty, admitted to myself my hearts desire... “a vacation”. The commitment I cultivated of intense discipline and hard work for successful recoveries had a price.  I was enduring the pressure of being a single mother needing to return to self employed work.  In addition, my daughter was in her late teens, and as you know….can be expensive. I shared this confidence with my mother who was fading from Parkinson’s and would pass Dec. 30, 2012.

Within days… her sister financially came to my support once again.  Upon receiving this generous gift, I wept.  Yes, tears were everywhere…..I was exhausted……An all inclusive in Los Cabos, Mexico awaited me with a guest of my choice.  A dear friend, who unconditionally was present during my challenging times, said “yes”. I was honored that I could offer her a gift in gratitude for all her help.

Los Cabos, Mexico, September 2012, a caught a sideways glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror.  I saw a hunched over, flabby tired old woman. I decided in that moment, I didn’t want to live out the rest of my life like that.  I promised myself I was going to do all I could to transform what I saw and how I felt.  I wanted to reclaim my youth and the joy that had fuelled my daily life.

It was in returning home, with that intention, at Life Works Gym, that I discovered the PLANK.  A steady daily attempt at 15 seconds, 20 seconds…as months went by… 45 seconds…1 1/2 minutes…2013, the year went by….2 minutes… then within the next year 2014 , a 3 minute plank.  Woohoo!  Colleagues and clients would ask me what I was doing, that I glowed and looked good.  I would mention various practices regarding nutrition, meditation and the 3 minute Plank.  Their reaction was jaw dropping. “You can do that!  Wow”…..

I have found a regime that works for me.  It is personal….we all have our unique life story which continues to unfold. …..Patience, daily commitment, and now… a 4 minute Plank, can grace me on a good day!

Addressing the component of the mind…. In all honesty….I could do the 3 minute Plank but with a busy Monkey brain.…my term for a mind that doesn’t stop…a loop of continually dialogue….On my self directed spiritual retreat in Kauai, Christmas of 2014, I reflected, “What do I need to do to calm my mind?”  At 2:10 mins, I would start to shake, run through the grocery list and struggle to make it to the 3 minute mark.  Yes, darn “Ego” was my thought.  This did not rest well with me.  I saw it as a challenge to find a better way…..and I did!!  With my deep connection to meditation and its relationship to managing my pain, I heard my inner guidance….”Go to the place of meditation, before I attempt the Plank, and stay there… then witness the outcome.”

So… I did!  In Calgary, morning of January 6,2015, at my Dad’s condo, I opened my eyes, to discover  the 4 minute mark. with ease and grace!!  WooHoo!!


In Reflection:  We can all transform… with the intention and daily discipline….Yes, it does take commitment and strong will.  Heartfelt gratitude to all who have and continue to grace my path with love.  If you are looking for personal advice and a guide through your process… I encourage you to email me and we can discuss your dreams.   Believe in the Magic!!  



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Coffee Yoga…September 25th, 2014

Coffee YogaI was swimming today and then bought a coffee at Good Earth Cafe, Elevation Place, Canmore, Alberta. …I looked down at my 2 shot Americano and it felt bizarre to me to sip it through a plastic lid….extra toxicity is what crossed my mind…..so with an open cup sporting a white shirt I walked gingerly and with mindfulness…. cautious not to spill it on my shirt.  So…without a plastic lid ….Coffee Yoga was born….for all those that are in the corporate world I challenge you to integrate the practice of mindfulness in sipping a morning Joe. Thank you to Frans Baars, an employee of the cafe who was a support in this concept…..


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We survive this Ride together!

Aly's Brothers portrait

Aly’s Painting, “Brother’s Portrait”

We Survive this Ride together

I am a single mother, teacher, therapist, actress, but above all Human Being. Who is a survivor of a child suicide attempt…..

The trigger of this experience is reptilian.  I use these choice of words because I would like to refer to the part of the brain that is charge of the instinct of survival.

This is a life changing event.

In response, I have developed this passion to “Retrain the Brain:.

Release…Let go….Forgive….Forget…these are some of the words that we frequently hear …as part of this journey. We are on alert for that call which may or may not come.

Mental Illness, depression, bi-Polar, Schizophrenia… Yes, they are all conditions and labels. but I believe are also influenced by the human condition….

When we are kind loving, generous. life is easy and graceful.  Yes, someone may come along to play the demon: to criticize, “rock the boat” therefore triggering that downward spiral of deep rooted pain.  Be it fear of abandonment, rejection, acceptance..  it is fear…in its essence.

I pray for the day where the New way of encompassing heaven on earth is the norm.  Where we all live in our hearts…unconditionally love each other, and choose to nurture life in the world rather than destroy it.

We are in the darkness before this dawn.

It takes every fibre of my being to call on courage, strength, and will to be a warrior of Love.

Embracing the mantra “Let Love Live Me”

10 years later …I reach within for encouraging words, meditational feelings of peace, the will to exercise, create good food… but above all, I reach outside myself for a “Cuddle” , “human touch”…. My daughter has taught me that.

We survive this ride together……

In Reflection:  In a Life Changing event it is very often a challenge to find the gem in the experience.  It has become a fabric of my being and very often acceptance is the key.

Audio Recording…


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Acid/Alkaline Diet, Easy steps on “How to start”

Mosaics, Ravenna, Italy

Mosaics, Ravenna, Italy

Effective manual therapy needs healthy tissue for lasting results.  

Acid/Alkaline Diet and where to Start.

There is a certain amount of anxiety and concern when one is about to embark on changing some habits around eating.  The act and art of eating is primal.  It may bring up emotional issues. We have attachments to foods and flavors.

I share this knowledge from the various naturopathic doctors, research, and my own personal health challenges in my office daily with clients.  I am continually being asked to write it down.

My intention is to be clear and make this process easy and graceful.

I caution you to be gentle with yourself and with compassion integrate these changes with the intention for better health and no pain.

Be honest!  As soon a I feel I am depriving myself I will be triggered to fight the choice I am making.  Punishment is not the objective.  If a change is too difficult take it slower.

Simply changing the water we drink to less than 100 ppm, alone is a Great Start.  We have to go buy the water or arrange to have it delivered.  We need to find a home for it in our kitchen…buy a dispenser so it is easily accessible.  Most aqua companies will deliver weekly or monthly and provide you with a dispenser for the counter top.  Of course, drinking the water at room temperature is best for the body.  It will make a great cup of coffee!.

Concept: Too much acid in the body causes inflammation….pain….

We want to support the alkalinity in the body.  The acidity will reduce affecting overall health so the body can heal.  It will spend less energy putting out the fires of inflammation and can focus on the good stuff.  The change in food groups will support the alkalinity in the body.  When the body has rebalanced, the acid/alkaline relationship…then we can integrate the other foods back into our eating.  Our body will be balanced so the effect eating an acidic tomato will be reduced or nil.

It is temporary!!

Jumping In

On the theme of water:Half of lemon in a glass of water first off in the morning and at night.  Yes… lemon is sour on our taste buds but in the stomach it provides an alkaline ash for digestion of the foods we will consume. That is what we want.

To keep this easy…general Acid forming foods, I will name them the “No” Foods

Night Shade Vegetables: tomatoes potatoes peppers eggplant…in the digestive process create too much acid. Therefore we want to avoid contributing to the acid content….The objective is to reduce acid forming foods to get back the body’s alkalinity therefore improving organ function and reducing pain….be it headache, joint or muscle pain.

Red Meat, Dairy Products, Wheat/Grains

It is Temporary

“Yes” Foods

Veggies…  Yams instead of Potatoes….Its a Fad and so available.

Fruit…. before noon

Protein… chicken breast, fish, eggs, Nuts and seeds.  Almonds soaked overnight releases the germination acid that is harmful…Pates can be made from almonds.  A handful of squishy almonds always make a great snack.  Almond milk helps deficient blood.  Nut and seed butters as snack

Cucumber slices instead of crackers , celery stalks as well

Beans…Chick peas, kidney, black beans are all protein and fibre.  Spreads like humous, pates,

Veggie Chili or Hearty soups substitute the tomatoes though.

Indian food is great resource.  The Masala and Palek dishes, avoid the white bread and rice.

Spices…  raw ginger, garlic, cumin, curries, cinnamon,, are flavourful additions that help with cravings.

Coconut oil calms inflammation and is digestible in the stomach. Ground chia, flax seeds for essential fatty acids and keeping bowels moving.  Releasing toxicity is another key.  Epson Salt bathes. Infrared sauna. all help the journey and they are relaxing.

Coffee/ Wine in moderation…..In Italy, a coffee after a meal is a great digestive aid so is the red wine. Beer, hard alcohol is not advised.

Fermented Foods support the good bugs in the gut.  Sauerkraut, pickles, salsas, chutneys, Miso soup paste, I find the fermented foods fill and satisfy me.  Reflect on what does that for you.

It is a journey of self discovery when I consciously start choosing the food I eat as medicine. It is a relationship.

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