Pure Heart Meditation

The natural spiral of Love

This pure heart meditation was inspired in the healing of Male/female relationship.  If we live in this place all else falls away.  The ego or energy of struggle we hold so tight to at times has nothing to take root in.  In my heart I love and I act from there.   There is a …

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Spiritual Stretches, The Daily 7, “To do’s”

Spiritual Stretches The Daily 7, “To Do’s”  1) Morning Mantra- I offer this day in service so it may benefit the highest and greatest good of all sentient beings. 2) Spiritual Stretches “7 minute workout”. Tutorial available on Karbarker Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qgbGwCkHis  video 4 mins. 3) Make eye contact and greet all who pass you by.  …

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Live Your Divinity, Just do It!

Being Presence Many have terms that describe the state of Mindfulness, being present, taking “time out” to slow down, but I seem to have discovered a precise description for myself that encompasses simplicity of a state of being.  “Being Presence” the expansive embrace of mindlessness….coining the phrase “Live you Divinity” , Just do it!” is a …

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Inspired Poetry from Surgery

The joy full sun graces my gentle light. Reaching, igniting a remembrance of radiance. Forgotten over surgery, over pain, over grief The sun, a reflection of my divinity lifts me into the white light consciousness where the Crystal light dances freely in “a bon danse” The great dance Giddiness bubbles in my heart Infinite time …

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Am I Truly Free?

In this Audio Blog…..I am exploring the concept of freedom in our lives….What makes my heart sing? What are my basic needs to feel free? A Courageous path of Reflection as the layers become deeper as my self honesty and Truth reveals itself. Emotional freedom….freedom of the mind…..How many of us can say “I am …

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