All the World’s a Stage



Duomo, Milan, Italy 2014
An amazing platform of Life.

I have been involved in theatre/film professionally since 1978.  The many gems it has revealed to me has been immeasurable.  I want to share a few with you with regards to health and wellness. It is about re-connecting with our creativity and our innate desire to play.

The biggest blessing in my life was to have my daughter Aly.  It was a commitment I made to re-discover the element of play. Surrendering as I watch those beautiful inspiring Disney animations over and over again.  They release the stress-ors of the day as I enter the world of make belief with Peter Pan and the Lion King. “Patch Adams” with Robin Williams is a movie about Dr. Patch Adams who used his humour with his patients.

Eckhart Tolle wrote “The Power of Now”. Being present is such a vital part of play and theatre.  Many of our minds race get occupied with problem solving or worry that it takes us away from being in the moment.

Freeing our physical body from its immobility or limitation’s letting the laughter and oxygen find those places that have been closed down.  Giving ourselves permission to sing and tell stories from the depths of our creative souls or singing in the shower daily will lift the soul above the mundane we all may live in.  It is also safe as no one is bound to hear us.

The Alexander technique is a gentle way for chronic pain people to release the tissues combining breath and movement.  Kristin Linklater wrote, “Freeing the Natural Voice”. It combines movement with the breath and sound making everyone believe in the strength of their voice be it for singing, lecturing or talking.  It is one of our instruments of communication.

Perspective is another vital tool.  In improvisation and scene study we can choose alternative endings and through lines that we can then take into our lives.  Seeing the positive in all things and people is the greatest exercise.  Try walking down the street and making eye contact with everyone you meet.  How do you feel?  Possibly awkward at first, but then very rewarding.  Since our eyes are our communicators it is a great and simple exercise.

Three to Do’s

Get the self-critic to go on a holiday, stop the self-judgement for there is no room for it as it only causes contraction and low self worth.  Give yourself permission to tell yourself three fabulous things about yourself each night before you fall asleep.  My daughter and I do that, and guaranteed we sleep the better for it.

As the children suggested in the article on “Kids, get Stress too”, published Oct. 2, 2003, get it out of your body.  Play and laugh whenever you can, allow the expression of all emotions aids in the release of stress.  If negative, aim it at a pillow or the great outdoors. If it is positive share it by letting someone know.  “You’re great, I’m happy, that’s beautiful.”

Karen works as a massage therapist integrating advanced cranial and visceral osteopathic techniques in her work.  What has inspired her recently is a three part course called “Voice Tooning, Release the Voices within” with Chinook Animation in Calgary. They are one of the leading studios for dubbing in this country.

 In Reflection:  Empower yourself to choose play and joy in this somewhat stress-filled world we live in. And yes, like the lion in the “Wizard of Oz”, it does take courage.



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