Acid/Alkaline Diet, Easy steps on “How to start”

Mosaics, Ravenna, Italy

Mosaics, Ravenna, Italy

Effective manual therapy needs healthy tissue for lasting results.  

Acid/Alkaline Diet and where to Start.

There is a certain amount of anxiety and concern when one is about to embark on changing some habits around eating.  The act and art of eating is primal.  It may bring up emotional issues. We have attachments to foods and flavors.

I share this knowledge from the various naturopathic doctors, research, and my own personal health challenges in my office daily with clients.  I am continually being asked to write it down.

My intention is to be clear and make this process easy and graceful.

I caution you to be gentle with yourself and with compassion integrate these changes with the intention for better health and no pain.

Be honest!  As soon a I feel I am depriving myself I will be triggered to fight the choice I am making.  Punishment is not the objective.  If a change is too difficult take it slower.

Simply changing the water we drink to less than 100 ppm, alone is a Great Start.  We have to go buy the water or arrange to have it delivered.  We need to find a home for it in our kitchen…buy a dispenser so it is easily accessible.  Most aqua companies will deliver weekly or monthly and provide you with a dispenser for the counter top.  Of course, drinking the water at room temperature is best for the body.  It will make a great cup of coffee!.

Concept: Too much acid in the body causes inflammation….pain….

We want to support the alkalinity in the body.  The acidity will reduce affecting overall health so the body can heal.  It will spend less energy putting out the fires of inflammation and can focus on the good stuff.  The change in food groups will support the alkalinity in the body.  When the body has rebalanced, the acid/alkaline relationship…then we can integrate the other foods back into our eating.  Our body will be balanced so the effect eating an acidic tomato will be reduced or nil.

It is temporary!!

Jumping In

On the theme of water:Half of lemon in a glass of water first off in the morning and at night.  Yes… lemon is sour on our taste buds but in the stomach it provides an alkaline ash for digestion of the foods we will consume. That is what we want.

To keep this easy…general Acid forming foods, I will name them the “No” Foods

Night Shade Vegetables: tomatoes potatoes peppers eggplant…in the digestive process create too much acid. Therefore we want to avoid contributing to the acid content….The objective is to reduce acid forming foods to get back the body’s alkalinity therefore improving organ function and reducing pain….be it headache, joint or muscle pain.

Red Meat, Dairy Products, Wheat/Grains

It is Temporary

“Yes” Foods

Veggies…  Yams instead of Potatoes….Its a Fad and so available.

Fruit…. before noon

Protein… chicken breast, fish, eggs, Nuts and seeds.  Almonds soaked overnight releases the germination acid that is harmful…Pates can be made from almonds.  A handful of squishy almonds always make a great snack.  Almond milk helps deficient blood.  Nut and seed butters as snack

Cucumber slices instead of crackers , celery stalks as well

Beans…Chick peas, kidney, black beans are all protein and fibre.  Spreads like humous, pates,

Veggie Chili or Hearty soups substitute the tomatoes though.

Indian food is great resource.  The Masala and Palek dishes, avoid the white bread and rice.

Spices…  raw ginger, garlic, cumin, curries, cinnamon,, are flavourful additions that help with cravings.

Coconut oil calms inflammation and is digestible in the stomach. Ground chia, flax seeds for essential fatty acids and keeping bowels moving.  Releasing toxicity is another key.  Epson Salt bathes. Infrared sauna. all help the journey and they are relaxing.

Coffee/ Wine in moderation…..In Italy, a coffee after a meal is a great digestive aid so is the red wine. Beer, hard alcohol is not advised.

Fermented Foods support the good bugs in the gut.  Sauerkraut, pickles, salsas, chutneys, Miso soup paste, I find the fermented foods fill and satisfy me.  Reflect on what does that for you.

It is a journey of self discovery when I consciously start choosing the food I eat as medicine. It is a relationship.

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