My Path

My personal experience of chronic pain in varying degrees throughout my lifetime has brought me to the work I do today. Born with necrotic femoral arteries the hip joint was compromised in its development which caused severe osteoarthritis at the young age of 14. It took perseverance and strength of will to find a surgeon who would operate on a 36 year old woman. By this age I was crippled.

In 1996, I was gifted with two hip replacements. Pain free for the first time in my lifetime I was facing a new learning curve.  I had to teach myself how to walk properly and retrain my mind to accept this new reality.

2013, with 9 complicated hip surgeries behind me I feel this chapter of my life is completed. As Dr. Jill BolteTaylor author of “My Stroke of Insight” shares, it too has become my personal passion to inspire others to find within themselves the peace of mind, joy and beauty of who they are.  The choice we have in our minds to live a harmonious life.  I truly felt a component to my brilliant recovery was the immense love of family and friends, and the journey of training my mind to accept, receive and choose to embrace the positive.

Dr. Jill’s personal words of encouragement: “go go go Karen and never give up! hugs, Jill,.” 

Professional History

In 1990 I became a Graduate in Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy from the Northern Institute of Massage.

Since 1991, I have been studying and integrating post graduate soft tissue manipulation in my work.

In 1991, I started integrating the work of Dr. John Upledger’s, Craniosacral therapy.  I was inspired by the work and research of Dr. Jean Pierre Barral of the Barral Insitute. These two men are explorer’s in the osteopathic world of working with the human organism. I have completed 22 of his classes and now assistant teach the core classes with the Institute  You are invited to read the description of these soft tissue manual therapies in the different articles: What is Visceral Manipulation? What is Cranial Sacral therapy? Under Integrated Therapies.

From 1995-98 I studied Chinese Traditional Medicine with Dr. Yu Jing Qiu, a Chinese Medical Doctor from Beijing residing in Winnipeg. I was curious in bringing the eastern and western philosophies together in my practice. It gave me a wider scope of understanding.

I completed Level two Qi Gong with Dr. Stephen Aung. I am honored as he continues to be a compassionate teacher of mine. I hosted a Chi Gong practice group in Canmore from 2000-2011.  I have discovered that the breath and its physical dynamic within the body serves a profound purpose not only for our need of oxygen but from an internal perspective regarding all internal functions,the movement of fluids. I encourage breathing techniques with my clients so that they are empowered to focus on their healing journey with this simple tool which yields results.


Office Locations

In Canmore… above the Rose and Crown restaurant, 201D-749 Railway Ave. Wednesday to Saturday 9-6  pm ….A new wonderful Youtube demo by Dr. Jean Pierre Barral on what you can expect in a treatment.  First treatment is $150, an hour, including G.S.T.  1/2 hour sessions are $75. Payable in cash, cheque or email money transfer..If you are paying by money transfer,I request payment prior to treatment…I have a sliding scale as well as a pro bono client base which includes babies, children, young athletes and the elderly. .  Please know, I am open to discuss your financial limitations.  “I will never refuse someone who reaches out for my help.”  

Another inspiring video from “Breath of Life” 2009 Conference, Dr. Barral speaks about the energies of the Organs specifying the Liver.  He discusses related symptoms physiologically and emotionally.

In Calgary on Mondays from 1-5 pm and Tuesday 10:00 – 5 pm.  I am located at Full Circle Collaborative Health Centre, #102, 506-71 Ave SW
Calgary, please call; 587-352-9199 See their website for more info. 
 Click here for a short Practitioner Profile. 

I am offering phone/online consultations at a starting fee of $50.  Please contact me.


My books “Universal Stretches”, “Spiritual Stretches”, “Wave of Change, 2012” and “The Joy of Being” are available for purchase on or


Joining the Barral Institute team

I have begun my teacher asissting with the Barral Insitute. It has been wonderful reviewing but also learning new information and becoming more precise in my skillset.  I am very excited meeting fellow practitioners exploring the integration of his work in their practice.  I have been studying personally with Dr. Jean Pierre Barral since 1997.  In the summertime of 2011, I returned from an inspirational few weeks with Dr. Jean Pierre Barral and Dr. Alain Croibier.  Please access Therapies for updates and new links section.


Blessings to you in your openness and desire to reach your infinite potential in this lifetime.




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